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SEO is a process where Website content is optimized, providing the following 7-page factors

•Content Relevance / Site Authority

•Importance of Original Content

•LSI Keywords

•Importance Of Site Maps

•Page Structure

•Website Updates

•User Experience




and Authority

Let's first talk about Content Relevance,


how important it

is for

SEO (Search Engine Optimization.)

The principle message is - If the content or text on a page matches the search term used, the better ranking it will receive!

Content relevance is a very important part of SEO, and has a huge part in the On-Page Optimization of SEO. Addressing keywords is a main part of SEO within the content of a website.

For instance, you could have a website with great content, that is highly related to the search term, but… if it’s not a responsive website for all sizes of devices, or it loads really slow, you wouldn’t rake well.


Content relevance is a service that our business provides to all our small businesses & customers of all sizes.

Affordable BusinessEZSite takes into account-


Just having keywords has become way more advanced.

Search engines like Google have hugely improved their ability to assess content on a page.

It’s not enough to fill your pages/site with keywords, this is not an effective SEO trick anymore!

There is a fine line between having the correct amount of content, to please a user's experience.

Other factors include H1’s, H2’s, H3’s, schema data, bold headings, and italics, to name a few.


By focusing on these, and more, your site will be rewarded in the search engines, and of course by users. This will, in fact, help with attracting more organic users to your site as well.



An authoritative website is a site that has been decided by a search engine to be trusted, have accurate information, and have reliable information and content.

The search engines are able to compare authoritative sites, with sites that don’t have quality information, and informative content.

Affordable uses a number of technical SEO technics, and services, we will be happy to discuss this with you regarding your website marketing plan.