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Welcome to Affordable Small Business SEO

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SEO is a process where website

content is optimized.

The following are just some of the more important factors necessary.

•Content Relevance / Site Authority

•Importance of Original Content

•LSI Keywords

•Importance Of Site Maps

•Page Structure

•Website Updates

•User Experience



and Authority


Let's first talk about Content Relevance,


how important it

is for

SEO (Search Engine Optimization.)

Content relevance is a service that our business provides

to all our small businesses &

customers of all sizes.

The principle message is - If the content or text on a page matches the search term used, the better ranking it will receive!

Content relevance is a very important part of SEO, and has a huge part in the On-Page Optimization of SEO. Addressing keywords is a main part of SEO within the content of a website.

For instance, you could have a website with great content, that is highly related to the search term, but… if it’s not a responsive website for all sizes of devices, or it loads really slow, you wouldn’t rake well.

Affordable  BusinessEZSite takes into account-

Just having keywords has become way more advanced.

Search engines like Google have hugely improved their ability to assess content on a page.

It’s not enough to fill your pages/site with keywords, this is not an effective SEO trick anymore!

There is a fine line between having the correct amount of content, to please a user's experience.

Other factors include H1’s, H2’s, H3’s, schema data, bold headings, and italics, to name a few.


By focusing on these, and more, your site will be rewarded in the search engines, and of course by users. This will, in fact, help with attracting more organic users to your site as well.



An authoritative website is a site that has been decided by

a search engine to be trusted and has accurate

information,  reliable information, and content for its niche market

Search engines are able to compare authoritative sites, with sites that don’t have quality information, and informative content.

Taking into account Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). Both contribute to how your site's SEO is, and ranks with Google.

Authority also is how the content of your site organically ranks and is relevant to your market. The size of your site ( How Many Pages) with relevant content for your market. Word count on each page, plays a large factor in the authority of your site as well.

A few indicators of authority considered are -

The quality, and relevance of your on-page content

The user experience, and engagement

Using keywords in Important areas

A domain name with authority

Links to your Home Page/ Landing Page

The older your website, usually the higher its authority


Affordable uses a number of technical SEO techniques and services, we will be happy to discuss this with you regarding your website marketing plan.



Original content can be any kind of material that has never been written before.

Your opinion and your voice make it unique! Make it original!


BusinessEZSite offers affordable, not cheap, original content articles, and blog posts.


This is part of our SEO services for small businesses needing this marketing content

either for local SEO services or national SEO.

Affordable SEO every online business will benefit from.

Content needs to relate, be engaging,

informative, and as unique as possible, and

be relevant to what your site is about. There

are millions, over a billion websites out there,

it’s important to have the best original

content you can. This will help establish your

site, and you as an expert.


You have maybe not heard the term ”Content is King,” it’s a term used

since the early days of search engines.

Having well-written original content will help to improve your site's search ranking.

This of course can sometimes be a challenge for small business

owners trying to produce original, fresh, and engaging material.

Our affordable SEO services make this EZ for you the website owner.


Original content is such a very important part of SEO and the main

part of our services, it’s essential to your online visibility.

We only produce high-quality original content, to gain page ranking in

search engines.

Content published online can also provide backlinks to your site if

informative, and fresh.


With great topic’s on the subject your website pertains to, you can give your

self a boost in SEO by

demonstrating your knowledge, and credibility.

This serves to establish your site as an authority to

your customers you provide services to.


Providing quality original content consistently show’s the search engines

your site has value, and

your site's search ranking will increase over time.

Check out our SEO packages, and pricing.

Or give us a call today, for any questions you may have.



Improves Web Visibility

Helps To Boost Site Ranking

Helps With Content Relevance

Helps To Establish Authority/Credibility 

Using LSI search terms in your content, for your SEO results is possibly the best, and most useful way for your customers to find you.

LSI stands for “latent semantic indexing.”

This helps Google, and other search engines understand your content regarding this page.

Using these keywords throughout your content helps to improve SEO, and traffic, boost visibility, and increase your ranking in the search results.

LSI is a core service, and marketing SEO service Businessezsite provides to our local SEO small business owners, and national business owners.

This is not a matter of stuffing your page content with a bunch of keywords.

This was and has been a common practice businesses used to increase page ranking for SEO.

However, this practice didn’t take into account the keywords not being relevant. ( As mentioned above)

A few additional problems occurred, content has to relate, be engaging, and be informative. ( Answering the person searching, questions)

And of course, the content should always be of quality.




Small business owners will benefit from our use of LSI keywords strategically placed in their content, as well as in descriptions, or used for refreshing your content, and much more.



Site Maps


Sitemaps are very important for




( Search Engine Optimization)


Using the sitemap allows all search




to crawl for content to index

They also see any new content, videos, and any material added is crawled quickly, that they

didn’t know about before. Improving the SEO ranking of your site helps your site to rank higher,

and be able to be discovered online, any business, small business, or large website needs this!

One of the 2 formats for distributing your sitemap is an XML file. XML files link to other

pages within your website,

allowing search engines to crawl more efficiently, and index your site correctly.


You're going to need a sitemap if -


You have a large site - New content can be missed, along with traffic to your site

If you have a new site - With few external links coming into it

If you have many videos - Included a special sitemap specifically for your videos 

If you have a lot of photos on your site - A sitemap helps in finding all the photos

As a vital monthly SEO service always submits your website's sitemap

any time new content is added, and again at the end of the month



If your website has a good page structure Google,

and other search engines will crawl your site,

and will know which pages are important,

and understand your content better.

Think of page structure as a map or menu

of your pages and their content.

Showing the search engines where it is, and what it is!

As a small business owner, you know this is also very helpful for a better user experience and usability.

Page structure keeps your website organized, everything in its place,

and a place for everything, this being an SEO-core service that improves your content.

Sound SEO practices are an essential part of your page

structure, and marketing your content.

Make your pages easy to find!

Always try to keep your clicks as few as possible

A page structured layout might look like this

Home Page, Main Topics Pages, Sub-Topics Pages, and Posts.

Page structure is a full-time thing. Your site will/should evolve over time, information will need to be updated.

Taking your Page Structure into consideration

at an affordable price is another of our

small business SEO services. 



Updating your content regularly with

current information keeps your

site relevant, active, and alive. 

As search engines crawl your site.

Having recent new content shows the search engines crawling your site it is relevant to your users. 

Having an older website that looks dated, with outdated content offers the opportunity for "a new lease on life" for your site.

Keeping the content of your website up to date by adding new, and changing existing content is so important.


If you have content that is older than say 3-4 months, it might be time to refresh it if possible for better results.


Customers visiting websites want new information that is current regarding the site's market which could sure, increase the time they spend on your site.


Regular updates improve your SEO and bring new traffic, this helps with your site's ranking, and also adds additional authority on search engines.


Not to mention the trust your updated website provides between you and your customer, seeing new content/ new information.


We have so far referred to new content being added regularly. Or refreshing existing content periodically. 



Let's talk about re-doing the appearance, and useability of your website-



Sitting on a website that's been online for a few years might call for an update!


The layout, the colors used, and just the overall appearance may be in need of a re-do/update.


Addressing this every few years provides a prime time to also utilize new technology.


As a small business owner of this website, it's the first impression you are giving to potential customers!



The Following Are A Few More Benefits-



Opportunity to update Keywords thru your content, and pages


Keeping up and using new technology


This in turn could also update your site's security


Which will also improve the speed at which your site loads


Boost your SEO ranking


And of course, update the overall design of your website and its useability!



Offering affordable small business SEO is our #1 goal.

This makes our SEO services, marketing ideas, original content,

social media management, and affordable pricing,

for small businesses your best choice!



Google's goal is to keep up with the user's intent,

keep the user satisfied, provide the content, and information

a user is looking for in a fast, and an easy way

At user experience is #1 of our main objectives.

We strive to make visiting one of our sites a pleasure!

From the design, colors used, font, clear layout, quality content, page speed, and more!

What the search engines are able to do is use their set algorithms to determine the user's use of the website.


This indicates to the search engines just how engaged the user was, what clicks they made, and how much time they actually stayed on the site.


All this helps to indicate to them the User Experience. As a business owner, this is an SEO service we want you to know we provide.


Working to provide the best Users Experience is another utmost priority here at


Which will boost your website’s SERP ( Search Engine Results Page) ranking position.


It’s always important for SEO marketing campaigns, to keep in mind when developing content, whether for local SEO, or a national SEO market write for your user!


This will in turn provide, the best experience for your user/customer visiting.


A Few User Experience Factors We Considered


  • Design of website
  • Uses of colors, and images
  • Clear, good original content that’s easy to read, structured, and can be found
  • Loading website speed, if it takes more than 5 seconds to load, 37% of users bounce off
  • Mobile responsive site, 92.1% access the internet, using a mobile phone
  • Call to action buttons, for ease of contact
  • Page titles optimized
  • Easy menu & navigation is very important and must provide what the user is looking for.


These, and more factors make up the best SEO results, for business

search engine optimization at affordable pricing.

Business EZ Site offers all this, and much more

for your customer's positive User Experience!

Please contact us today

Our SEO is scientifically based, white hat methods, and not GUESSEO!

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