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All of our SEO is on a No Contract,

Month-to-Month Basis

Gold Plan

Your cost is $150.00 per month and includes


*New content added monthly (1 new 400-word Original Article added monthly)

*We take your original article and convert it into an original video with text-images-keywords-tags-links. 

*We upload your video to your own Vimeo Video Channel we have created.

*The original article is added to the internet with links back to your website.

*We add your Vimeo Video to your blog post page.

*Vimeo video is added to your business Facebook page (if you have one)

*Site changes to existing content per customer input

*Google Analytics monthly reports, as well as ranking reports, are sent on request. This lets you see RESULTS!

*A National Press release is submitted monthly

*Monthly adjustments/changes to page content, and text

You ARE your Business

And just like any business, It needs to be Promoted 

Platinum Plan

Your cost is $200.00 per month and includes

*All of the  Gold Plan plus the following features

*2 additional, 250-word original blog post articles written and added to your blog page. 

*Your 2 additional original blog articles are converted into videos and added to your Vimeo Video Channel, and your blog page.

*Any additional social media postings 


If your business has multiple locations, we can provide a custom plan whereby articles, and videos be added, per your other locations/areas/cities. 

Price will vary on the number of additional locations.

We Keep our Customers by getting Affordable, Verifiable RESULTS!

Our SEO is scientifically based, white hat methods, and not GUESSEO!

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