SEO Campaigns

SEO Campaigns Explained

This article is written for the benefit of businesses considering launching an SEO Campaign. The purpose is to inform you of how SEO works, what to expect, and what not to expect!

Eight Consideration For Your Current Website Before A Launch

1.) Make sure the content on your site is original. The best is 100% original. However, at the very minimum your content must be at least 51% original. This can be verified using Copyscape.

2.) Make sure there is no missed spelling, or broken links, on your site.

3.) All pages must have a title and description.

4.) All images in your media library must have a title and description. Images not being used in your media library should be removed. This will help your site load faster.

5.) Make sure all your pages are finished. Pages under construction don’t fare well with search engines.

6.) Check, that your site reads well on phones and tablets. Make any adjustments needed.

7.) Your website needs to be secure HTTPS / versus HTTP.

8.) Be sure all your content is relevant to your business type.

Doing all of the above mentioned, will give your website a better chance in your SEO Campaign.

The Search Engines

The main search engine algorithm uses AI “Artificial Intelligence,” and has over 200 built-in ranking factors. AI measures these ranking factors against your site structure and content. Based on how your website complies with these factors will determine your initial page position.

The SEO Campaign What to Expect

The main purpose of SEO is to drive more traffic to your website. It is important that you understand that SEO is a process, and results will typically not happen over nite. The timing of the results will depend on how much competition your business type has, and how aggressive an SEO campaign you undertake.

The Most Important Decision To Start Your Campaign

Determining your main keyword search term or phrase. I suggest you write down as many search terms you can think of, that a customer could possibly use while looking for your business type. Give these to your SEO company, and have them tell you how many searches are done each month for each phrase. Understand that the ones with the most hits or results will also have the most competition.

The Two Parts Of Your SEO Campaign

The main part of the campaign is your site's structure and content. In SEO this is referred to as “On Page Optimization.” The second part of your campaign “Off Page Optimization,” deals with links back from authoritative sites such as a “Facebook Business Page,” “LinkedIn” account, Videos, Press Releases, and organizations you belong to that are relevant to your business type, such as a “Chamber Of Commerce.”

Measuring The Results

This can be done with Google Analytics. Have your Web Designer or SEO company set this up. The results will tell you how many new visitors logged onto your site, and how long they stayed on it.

What Not To Expect

Unfortunately, too many business site owners, expect that when site traffic increases, the phones will start ringing off the hook, and the E-Mails will come pouring in. Here is a reality check. Yes! As traffic increases the chances someone may make contact do increase. However, at this point, the main reason for contact is dependent on the website itself, and a potential customer's perception of the site's value to them. You must think of your sites as a sales presentation.  


I hope you find this article has given you an overview of the parts, and basically how SEO Campaigns work.